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: Digital Classrooms :

The vision of smart classrooms is to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each child and create lifelong learners, who will be the teachers of tomorrow. Our aspiration is to create global citizens who are innovative and have a strong sense of values.

Smart classes, in collaboration with Next Education, are a teacher-led educational content based solution that has dramatically improved the learning outcome.

So far, our experience has been tremendously good, especially with slow learners, they are getting involved in the process because of this tech savvy class. This is definitely going to help us a lot in nurturing tomorrow's India.

: Computer Lab :

Technology advancement has affected every sphere of life especially education. This has changed our perception of what a school should provide for its students. In times of booming technology, the computer lab at Neelkanth International School provide the appropriate platform to the students to be future technocrats. The computer lab is used not just to hone the skills of computer geeks but also provide an exposure to the novices. Lab has 40 computer. Students are taught concepts of flash, HTML, VB, MS Office, Java, C and C++ at various levels which prepare them to face the tough challenge of computer world later on. It is in this lab that the teachers also get the facilities to learn while they work on the computers. Not to miss the fact that it is the hard work of the qualified teachers. Walk in any time of the day, you’ll always find a few teachers and students at work in these labs.

: Maths Lab :

"Learning Maths is exciting"

Aryabhatta, the maths lab, is the most modern and endowed with the latest resources for all students at the school, wherein the thought processing of children would be facilitated with the help of working models. It would be equipped with essential charts, models, pictures and other teaching aids for classes Pre-primary to X. It’s here in the Lab that children would learn to enjoy mathematics and would see maths as something interesting to talk about, to communicate, to discuss among them, to work together on. It would help them to kindle the curiosity and interest in the subject. Our resourceful teachers would take into account the needs and requirements of the learning experience and according would try to enrich the lab. Over all, the learning would be a great fun in the Lab.

: Library :

Tranquility, the well-resourced NIS library would enable students to enrich and expand their horizons. It would constantly be expanding its resource centre stocked with books, journals, videos, DVD’s and audio cassettes. The library would be major resource for all constituents of the School: students, faculty and parent members. It would endeavour to provide students with opportunities to learn how to use materials in a variety of formats to access information so that they can continue with lifelong learning. NIS library is certainly going to be the delight of every book lover.

: Prayer (Sadbhavana) & Activity Hall :

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