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Classical Dance & Music

: Classical Dance :

It is a form of vibration of our body and mind. It is a form of worship through which a dancer can reach the Almighty. It is a form of Yoga. A dancer can only reach this stage through conscious training. i.e. Sadhana. Classical Dance is the art form which teaches the child the true meaning of Sadhana - the combination of discipline, patience, aesthetic sense and spirituality. The children of NIS are privileged to receive this holistic training enriching their lives..

Neelkanth International School, is the acme of India Classical Dance. Various forms of Classical Dances are taught in the school at a younger age and thus has contributed to the evolution of many young Indian Classical student dancers from NIS over the years.

: Music :

If we would listen carefully, every beat in this world, every single wave that vibrates on our eardrums, is a music in itself. We call it noise, but that's our perception, our way of looking at it! Such musical vibrations can be enhanced, lyrically, melodically, and in pattern, to form a good and soothing music, which we listen everyday in our daily lives!

We listen to music on television, on radio, on our smartphones, on laptop, while taking a shower, eating food, driving car, traveling in metro, and during celebrations. Music is an integral part of our life, and without any doubt, music has the capability to become a catalyst in your work, and life as a whole.

We, at NIS, considers music to be a necessary part of the learning process of a young child. If learnt carefully, it can become a medium to flow of your emotions, whether explosive or peaceful, whether apathetic or celebratory.